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yAssess — FAQs on Youth4work Custom Online Assessments

Frequently asked questions on yAssess — Youth4work’s Online Custom Assessment Solution for Recruitments.

  1. What is yAssess?

yAssess is a powerful Online Assessment platform that helps you create your own Assessments for hiring.

yAssess is a hosted SAAS based model that helps organizations centralize their entire recruitment life cycle. yAssess helps organizations map the skill sets of an aspirant for an Interview in that Company.

2. Why should I go for online assessments for hiring?
 Online assessments help to reduce and shorten recruitment time by giving the power in the hands of the recruiter to objectively select the best and the right people for their interview rounds. Online assessments help in saving time, cost and increase ROI.

3. How can I start using yAssess?
It’s Simple. Create your company (recruiter) account on by filling in the required details. Fill in the correct email id on which a verification mail is sent. After clicking on the verification link, you can start using yAssess from your company profile dashboard.

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4. What is an Adaptive Test?
 An adaptive test is a form of computer-based test that adapts to the examinee’s ability level. For this reason, it has also been called tailored testing. An Adaptive test successively selects questions for the purpose of maximizing the precision of the exam based on what is known about the examinee from previous questions.

From the examinee’s perspective, the difficulty of the exam seems to tailor itself to their level of ability.

For example, if an examinee performs well on an item of intermediate difficulty, they will be presented with a more difficult question. Or, if they performed poorly, they would be presented with a simpler question.

5. What is a Fixed Test?
 The fixed test is an Online Assessment where selected questions will be shown in random order to each and every user who takes the assessment.

6. Can I add my questions in your question bank database?
 Yes. You can use the Inventory of Questions in three ways:

  • Use assessments creative by Youth4work experts.
  • Use your entire question content for assessments.
  • You can mix and match your assessment content and Youth4work content.

7. How has Youth4work created assessment questions?
 The ready-to-use assessment content is created in two ways:

  • In-house Team: The In-house team develops content on the competencies required by any organization.
  • Subject Matter Experts: We have subject matter experts who help us provide content on various skill sets.

8. How can I create custom assessments on Youth4work?
 It is very easy to create your custom assessment on Youth4work. Click this video link to understand the whole process of yAssess.

9. Can I assess my own database? 
Yes, you can do it by simply inviting them to give tests through email.

10. Are my candidate email ids safe with Youth4work? 
 Yes, definitely your database is totally safe at Youth4work. Your database resides only in your account.