Make Your Mark In An Interview

  • 14 June 2019

Interviews are not always objective so it is important to make sure that the interviewer does not misjudge you. Here are few ways to do so.

Get off to a good start:There is no doubt that the first impression matters a lot. Researchers suggest that an interviewer makes a hiring decision within 90 seconds of meeting you. It is the way you dress, act and walk that gather the interviewer’s attention.

Dress to impress:A plain white shirt and black trousers coupled with a graceful tie will do the trick. Lose the creepy hairdo if you really want to corporate up your lifestyle.

Maintain Eye Contact:Shivering, fidgeting and, shy are 3 big don’ts of Corporate Culture. At all times maintain casual eye contact. Don’t stare. This isn’t Sparta.

Shake Hands Firmly:Be it a female or a male interviewer, a firm handshake on arrival sometimes seals the deal.

Practice a Good Posture: Sluggish and Fidgety posture might not work in your favour. Straighten that back soldier!

Don’t Lie (Just don’t):Yes, you just might get caught. That’ll be embarrassing!

Smile:A smile never hurts. Just don’t evoke your inner Sheldon!

Guide the interviewer:If at any point you feel that the interviewer is not trying to focus on your strength, then try to move the conversation subtly to your success stories. Let them know about your qualities and try to focus on that.

Try to practice with a friend who can give you genuine feedback. Your exit is equally important. Exchange pleasantries to end it on a positive note. Find something in common with the interviewer as a conversation starter. If you have a common area of knowledge and interests, it can help you build rapport. Don’t be a victim of Halo Effect, which is forming an overall favorable impression of a candidate based upon his/her responses to only one or two questions. If the start didn’t go extremely well then these tips can bomb your interview.

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