Interview Tips — 5 Ways To Answer Tricky Questions In An Interview

  • 14 June 2019

Interview Tips — 5 Ways to Answer Tricky Questions in an Interview

Well, there are so many questions which we can easily label as tricky ones, but there are some like ones, which ask you your salary expectations, those wherein you’re asked to perform an extempore role play and the ones where the interviewer asks you to name your favourite colour or fruit. Sounds bizarre?

But isn’t the concept of interview altogether the same.

Sometimes you’re even asked questions such as those where you’re asked that how do you spend your time at leisure, some even rephrase it to say that what are your ‘hobbies’. On most occasions, these types of incoherent questions are posed at the end of the interview, perhaps by the time when the interviewer has already formed an opinion of you. So, now some can even say that if it is so, then why will these frivolous questions make any difference to the final outcome?

Yes, it does make sense.

 If that is the case, then why do interviewers even bother to ask such pointless questions? One must always remember, each and every aspect interview is pre-planned and nearly close to nothing is out of context. Questions such as those on your hobbies are asked to judge your ingrained ingenuity. Interviews like to know how productive you are, even when you’re not doing anything particular rewarding. What do you do in your spare time?

These questions are those whom I’ll like to label as the traps which the interviews lay to catch people off guard. Everyone prepares on questions such as those outlining your strengths and weaknesses, but only seldom think of their hobbies. Of course, there are people who happily spend twelve hours nonstop social media like Facebook or Whatsapp.

But let me assure you, it’s not a great idea to let your interviewer know, how much of a social media buff are you?

Considering it is having no tangible benefits. 

 A good idea is to have some knowledge of how to tackle these tricky questions. How a person spends his spare time and their hobbies are dependent on your demographics. If you’re a youngster, fresh out of a grad school, your spare time will typically be hanging out with a bunch of your friends in a restaurant or a movie. Your hobbies can be those ranging from playing video games or strumming your brand new acoustic guitar. Middle-age people will typically like to drop or pick their kids from school or could be one of those spending your time brainstorming on your own startup idea. A great hobby can be to spend some time at a local orphanage or old age home. It can be even feeding stray animals.

 The onus is on you to optimise your answers when asked, what you do in your spare time. It charts a meaningful picture in the thoughts of your interviewer. One is not required to prepare arduously for these types of questions.

Always remember, an interviewer posing such questions is trying to know you better by digging deep into your hobbies and assess how productive you are when away from work.

Such tricks help to gauge a person better as a human being than a worker.

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