How Youth4work Helps You In Getting A Job?

  • 12 June 2019

Youth4work’s Approach for Career and JobsThis is a bit longer but quite an interesting read!

‘How do I find a good job?’…‘I am searching for a job but can’t find it, can you help?’ We often hear questions similar to this. The more we understand and go deep into understanding the needs of 12000+ employers and over 1.1 Million+ assessed youth using our platform, the more convinced we are that these particular questions are wrong.

The right question that every job-seeker must ask is —

“How does the employer find me ?”

The reality is that the employers find it harder to get hold of the right person. Let’s gets the fact straight!

  • For a job seeker, there are say few jobs to apply on, but For an employer, there are hundreds of applicants on one particular job.
  • For a job seeker, an application process generally revolves around submitting one’s resume or profile (which is the same) to hundreds of application systems and job openings. For an employer, their task is to essentially make sense of hundreds of applicants’ resumes (which generally are all in a different format), try to gauge them and then schedule interviews of few.

With this, you can be pretty sure that though you hear that finding a job is difficult but the reality is that finding a good employee is more difficult these days.

Thus, the right question is not ‘how to find a job ?’ but ‘how do the employers find you suitable for their jobs?’

Let’s answer these quintessential questions.

 (a) What is an employer searching for?

 (b) How does an employer find you?

 (c) How do they find me on their search?

What are Employers really searching for?

Let’s take an example. If you are trying to hire a software developer, the skills required are said PHP and MySQL. What info would you need?

You really do not want to post a job on job boards which will get you 1000’s of resumes. As an employer, you would be more interested to know the top PHP Developers having MySQL skills, actively searching for jobs in your (other) city. I would probably pick up top 100 guys, connect with them to briefly explain the job and the company, gauge their interest in joining and then 6schedule interviews.

Relying upon a resume doesn’t cover it all as it’s significant to figure out the real person in an interview or an internal process. Thus undeniably, finding, screening and scheduling the right people for the interview is the herculean task for every employer.

Have you ever thought why do employers actually shell out huge consultancy fees (5–15% of Annual CTC of candidates) to HR consultants who basically source, refine and schedule interviews?

How do employers find you?

Well, generally the answer you hear is created an awesome resume, highlight your skills creatively, etc.

Probably 5–6 years ago, when an employer had limited resumes to go through, they actually spent time to judge you from it, but now, floating resumes to multiple jobs is as easy as a single click of a button, resulting in inbox flooding with resumes. The question is how does employer view my resume or profile and know I am better than the rest.

Remember the example above? If you are looking for a software development job, having skills in PHP and MySQL, how do you ensure that the employers view your profile? Do you think having a perfect word file and resume for this job will improve your chances of it being viewed?

Employers want some standard formats of profiles and they want to have some metric/assessment of the real talents and interests of job seekers.

That is exactly what we do at Youth4work. Any employer can find ‘pre-assessed job seekers’ tested and ranked on their skills via Talent Boards, and contact the top few for their jobs.

Youth4work is proud to be a talent platform that encourages youth to assess their inner potentials and work towards enhancing them into professional skills. These skills will be the primary key for getting recognition and popularity on the platform.

So here is what we suggest you should do to find a job:

  1. Build Profile
  2. Take free talent tests — yTests
  3. Maintain high yRanks
  4. Stay active & Respond to employers contacting you directly

After your profile has reached an appreciable amount of popularity and completeness, the employers and recruiters will try to contact you directly or through WorkMails.

How will Recruiters and Employers find you?

The companies registered (even non-registered) on Youth4work search for skilled candidates with the help of talent boards.

A Talent Board is a sequential collection of candidates listed for particular skills according to their respective yRanks.

The employers can shortlist candidates according to the skills and talents necessary for a particular job position. They can list multiple skills according to their requirements.

The employers can contact a number of candidates at once. But the profiles are listed according to yRanks achieved in the particular skills.

Hence, you need to really work hard on your Youth4work profile, achieve good yRanks for your talents and also maintain it consistently so that multiple recruiters can review your performance, see your profile and offer you some good job opportunities.

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