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Interview Tips & Questions Wеll, thеrе are ѕо many questions whісh we саn ԛuісklу lаbеl аѕ trісkу оnеѕ, but there are some like ones, whісh ask уоu your salary еxресtаtіоnѕ, thоѕе wherein you’re аѕkеd to реrfоrm аn еxtеmроrе rоlе рlау а..

One must necessarily keep the following point in mind when having a telephonic interview: Make sure, you’re well aware of the timings when you’ll get the call from the interviewer. You must be calm and answer in continuous non-monotonous to..

Nowadays due to the paucity of time on both sides, i.e. from the interviewer and interviewee, there has been an increased dependence on an interview via video chat on media such as Skype and Google Hangout. On most occasions, this mode of t..

Pеrѕоnаl interviews аrе wеll knоwn fоr thе nеrvу moments they have оn the аѕріrіng саndіdаtеѕ, whеthеr it’s for a jоb оr аn аdmіѕѕіоn іn a B-ѕсhооl. Thеу’rе also thе fіnаl оbѕtасlе in your avenue to rеасh the ріnnасlе of ѕuссеѕѕ. Onсе ѕubduеd,..

Kееріng a check оn еvеrу ѕmаll dеtаіl саn help уоu fееl less рrеѕѕurіzеd, calm аnd confident fоr the bіg dау. It can bе dоnе thrоugh research аnd рrераrаtіоn аbоut thе соmраnу, thе job position аnd рrераrе questions-answers.  Uѕе уоur ..

Interview Tips — 5 Ways to answer Tricky questions in an Interview Blog Well, there are so many questions which we can easily label as tricky ones, but there are some like ones, which ask you your salary expectations, those wherein you’re asked..

Interviews are not always just and objective so it is important to make sure that the interviewer does not misjudge you. Here are few ways to do so. Get off to a good start There is no doubt that the first impression m..

Men should go for business formals, this means a dark-coloured suit and tie and dark-coloured shoes.For women, a skirt suit or pantsuit in a dark colour, along with closed-toe shoes and subtle makeup.If you’re not sure of the interview clothin..

With the population rising, the heat for grabbing the right employment is on a high. The alley to your desired job is full of hurdles and the most critical of all is facing the interview. Every single job opportunity has an interview session as ma..

Companies registered on Youth4work find candidates after screening their skilled profile. Youth can relax and wait for your call! Find the companies here. Get all the information and review the jobs posted by the company Here is the ..

Youth4work’s Approach for Career and JobsThis is a bit longer but quite an interesting read! ‘How do I find a good job?’…‘I am searching for a job but can’t find it, can you help?’ We often hear questions similar to this. The more we unders..

Have you ever wondered why thousands or millions of people fail to crack the interview instead of posting their resumes or CVs on job portals? So, where lies the actual problem? Well, the actual problem lies in the way candidatures are showcas..

The quirky minds behind the strategy building at Youth4work focus on 3 significant yet simple basics which is important from both employers and job seekers point of view. Youth4work understands “What employers look for?” And this gives the platfor..

What the company is all about? What is the work culture of a particular company? These questions generally arise in one’s mind when they are going for an interview or looking to join any company. With a number of companies, growing in today’s tech..

Is the company you are applying to, your dream company? What is the company all about? What is the work culture of that particular company? These are the primary concerns of any person when he/ she applies for a job. It's not possible to gather fi..

There are a couple of interesting ways you can search and apply for jobs on Youth4work. 1 — Jobs through your dashboard This works if you already logged in and you are on your Dashboard.Youth4work’s intelligent system directly recommends y..

Saurabh Jain, VP of Paytm, took out time to speak with us on his exceptional career journey. His professional journey is worth a read as it exudes the importance of motivation, perseverance, and passion in life. Let us take you through the..