12 Tips For Acing A Video Interview For Your Dream Job

  • 18 June 2019

Nowadays due to the paucity of time on both sides, i.e. from the interviewer and interviewee, there has been an increased dependence on an interview via video chat on media such as Skype and Google Hangout.

On most occasions, this mode of the interview is considered as the final round before the offer is made. Interviews via video chat are in vogue especially for filling up certain senior leadership positions among the corporate. However, many educational institutes in recent years have started video conferencing as their penultimate/ultimate level of interview for assessing the candidates. Its vitality has been present since the penetration of the internet has increased, its major benefit has invariably had been its robustness, which has now made cumbersome long-distance travel for interviews mostly redundant. However, one must keep the following points when appearing for a video interview.

Most essential is to have a robust and dedicated internet connection, try if possible to give precedence to a broadband connection over 3G.

  1. Avoid having a video call in open to avoid residual noises like the chirping of birds, car hooter, etc. as it will interrupt the smooth conversation.
  2. It is always a good idea to have video conferencing in a closed space, for instance inside a car.
  3. Make sure the room is well-lit and you’re facing towards the source of light. Doing the other way around will give a shadowy countenance to the interviewer, and it may dent the assessing process.
  4. The wall behind your back must be light in colour devoid of any wall hangings.
  5. It is a good habit to keep the prints of the job description, CV and company profile handy, as it may help you along the process.
  6. Avoid ceiling fan at that time as it may result in residual noises.
  7. As far as the dress is concerned, make sure you’re neatly dressed as far as upper half is concerned.
  8. You may use a headphone for more clarity and avoid untoward sounds which may affect your interview performance.
  9. Ask the interviewer to repeat, in case he’s not audible on your side. It is important, because on many occasions due to the fluctuation of the signal, the voice can break. Avoid assuming the unheard question, and thereby answering over that pretext.
  10. In case the signal is faulty, always request the interviewee to take the conversation on the phone before the damage is done.
  11. As always stay calm and focused and test your platform with your friend, i.e. have a dry run before you go on a call.

As elucidated before, make sure you’ve arranged all logistics in place. Remember, the video conferencing is the last step stepping stone for launching for your promising career, the idea is to make the best out of it.

Also, keep in mind the platform you’ll be using for the video call, Skype has been ubiquitous so has been the hangouts in last year.

However, to have uninterrupted experience many interviewers have started making use of professional tools like Go to Meetings for video conferencing. Therefore, make sure you’re well versed in the latest technology.

All the best!

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