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Skill India Mission was launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 15 July 2015. Skill India Mission aims to train over 40 crore people in India in different skills by 2022. The mission aims at vocational training and certification of Indian youth for a better livelihood and respect in the society.

It offers a variety of courses available in different regions.


Government of India took a unique initiative in the year 2015 that aims to train the Indian youth in their relevant field. After the completion of the training, the students will be provided with financial rewards, certificate of the respective course and placement in the industry. Government wants to provide employability to its citizens by motivating them to enhance their skills. Training institute were setup all over India to train the candidates.

The skill India Mission covered many courses such as agriculture, automotive, home furnishing, beauty, banking, construction, domestic workers, electronics and so on.

For the execution of the plan, Government of India framed a department, Ministry for Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) that was assigned to prepare a workflow in order to succeed the program by 2022.  Government wanted to execute the program with proper planning and wanted the plan to be successful at any cost.

While preparing the strategies for the program, all the participating departments analyzed that achieving the goal won’t be that easy. The Government claimed to place 70% of the trainee which is a big number to be attained.  

Why Government launched Skill India Mission

The present government analyzed the need of educating the youth of India by providing them with professional training. The government considered three major factors:


Unemployment has reached its peak in India, over 31 million individuals are looking for a job. The unemployment rate has risen up to 6.1% which is a big number for a developing country. Government identified that most of the individuals are not skilled enough to grab a position in the industry. Government felt it be the need of the moment to provide proper training to the citizen in order to excel them in their respective fields.  


Literacy is the ability of an individual to read, write in order to communicate properly. At present, India’s literacy rate is 74.04%. The first objective of launching the skill India Mission was to increase the literacy rate by providing the youth access to education and professional certified courses.

Unskilled labour

India currently faces a severe shortage of well-trained, skilled workers. It is estimated that only 2.3 % of the workforce in India has undergone formal skill training as compared to 68% in the UK, 75% in Germany, 52% in USA, 80% in Japan and 96% in South Korea. Large sections of the educated workforce have little or no job skills, making them largely unemployable. Therefore, India must focus on scaling up skill training efforts to meet the demands of employers and drive economic growth. Most of the labours have work experience, talent, knowledge but still fails to get jobs in large organization due to lack of certificates. Government decided to provide them with standard training and certificates in their respective fields. This could help them to get better exposure to their fields as well as employability.

Key Objective of Skill India Mission
  • To create an end-to-end implementation framework for skill development, which provides opportunities for life-long learning.
  • To build capacity for skill development in un-organized sectors where there are few opportunities for skills training such as the construction sector.  
  • Providing employability to 70% of the trainees.
  • Support weaker and disadvantaged sections of society through focused outreach programmes and targeted skill development activities.

Why Youth4work contributed?

Youth4work is a ‘People Platform’ which empowers youth to assess themselves, improve their skills and showcase their talents to attain professional goals. Youth4work was founded to provide educational opportunities to those who couldn’t afford it. Youth4work aims at reducing preparation costs of all competitive exams for all aspiring candidates who get held back due to shortage of money.

The objective of Youth4work and government seems to be similar i.e. enhancing and discovering the skills of the youth.  Youth4work ensures students from rural areas to be able to learn and improve the most out of this government initiative. 

Youth4work being a corporate organization decided to perform it as CSR activities. The Corporate social responsibility to bring social and economic change in society.

“There is no dearth about talent in the country. But, still deserving talents fail to get employed. PMKVY aims to leverage the potential of India’s demographic dividend by providing skill-training and making every skilled youth employable,” – Mr. Rachit Jain, Founder & CEO, Youth4work.

What was the Youth4work’s contribution?

Youth4work decided to take the dream and objective of Skill India Mission to newer heights. With millions of students aspiring to represent India on global platforms via skills, Youth4work decided to provide them with their own digital platform that could help them to analyze their level through yRanks and to improve themselves through yTests. 

Youth4work has practice tests for 500+ job roles.  The practice tests could help the youth to improve their knowledge regarding the job and the relevant field.

Practice tests could not only help the students but also be beneficial to the training institute to analyze the performance of the students through yScores. The practice tests could help the training partners and students get access to employers.

Youth4work provided job opportunities

Youth4work has a network of 38,000+ recruiters which announce vacancies to recruit deserving candidates from the list of yProfiles. Youth4work trained the students to a range that almost every capable individual got placed in reputed firms associated with youth4work.  

Youth can find jobs as per their field

Companies can find and follow employee

Premium training partners


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