Youth4work helped Zensoft Services in improving their On-Campus hiring process



Zensoft is an independent software testing and test automation services company. Excellence, enthusiasm and passion to envision smart software for a smarter world through disruptive, resilient and insightful testing and test automation solutions is what describes Zensoft as the best.  

This case study explains how Youth4work helped Zensoft Services in improving their On-Campus hiring process


Zensoft is a well-known IT firm that announces various vacancies every year in order to recruit eligible and deserving candidates for the offered designations. This year, Zensoft decided to recruit a large number of candidates directly from colleges all over India.  Every year, they recruit candidates in a traditional manner, that is, by visiting all the listed colleges physically. They conduct tests and interviews in the offline mode and then shortlist the qualifying candidates.

Zensoft’s method of hiring has become outdated and recruiting many eligible candidates could take weeks or three months.

Zensoft wanted to adopt a new method of hiring in order to reduce time and make the process effective and efficient.

A typical selection day

  1. Contacting with colleges and fixing a day for the execution of On-campus drive.
  2. Preparing a question bank for the offline test to commence in all the colleges.
  3. Commencement of offline test in all colleges consecutively.
  4. Obtaining results and shortlisting of candidates.

Accomplishing all the above-mentioned steps took 3-4 months.


  • The first and major challenge is to physically reach over all the specified colleges in Pan India. A team of recruiters has to visit each college which is a lengthy process and so time-consuming.
  • Sometimes, Zensoft announces recruitment drives at the time of examinations due to which they fail to get the proper participation from students.
  • Maintaining all the data and lining up the candidates for interview round is a next-level challenge.

Zensoft Contacted Youth4work

Youth4work locating the problem

Youth4work understand the major problem of Zensoft. They knew that Zensoft requires a standard process that can turn every offline thing online.

A standard process can reduce time and efforts – Youth4work

What Youth4work planned

Youth4work uses its machine learning with the help of its creative team. A customized yAssessmnet tool was created for Zensoft to replace the offline written test into an online test.

Jobs were posted on the official website of Youth4work:


Key Features of using yAssessment:

Online Proctoring is an assessment tool that ensures the integrity of test scores attained by the candidates in a number of ways:

Keeps close tabs on the candidate while he/she is taking the online exam through video monitoring. The Image Proctor feature activates the candidate’s webcam and takes random shots to check for unfair means of practice.

The yAssess is familiar with all the IP Addresses that are linked to the computer test. Administrators will have the geographical locations of each and every test taker and no test can be initiated on a computer that is not linked with yAssess through IP Address.

  • Pre-prepared question banks or can create own question sets
  • Reporting analytics and data management
  • Candidates can appear in test at any time
  • No loose ends: The test window once opened on the computer will render all other talks on the that computer ineffective. In simpler words, a candidate can’t minimize the test to search answers on Google.
  • Dash Board Access: yAssess also enables the exam administrators to watch the live feed of the candidate, talk to the candidate, view the test screen of the candidate, that too, live and terminate the test if any unscrupulous activities come to light.  

Why Youth4work

Youth4work prepares youth for various competitive private/government exams & assess their skills by reviewing their performances with their unique online assessments modules and provide jobs to young talents.



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