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Sunrise Systems was founded in 1990 with a clear vision to deliver world-class staffing service solutions in all labour categories, including IT consulting and solutions; all with the commitment to provide service that exceeds expectations and become the most trusted name in the industry. More than two and a half decades later, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the staffing industry. Combining our deep industry expertise, insights, and global resources, we’ve partnered with our clients to connect them with top professionals across several different industries.

This case study explains how Youth4work helped Sunrise Biztech Systems Private Limited.


Every year, Sunrise System Pvt. Ltd. hunt for the young talents in a large number. Following the tradition, in the year 2018, Sunrise wanted to hire eligible and deserving candidates that too from different geographical locations for various designations. The organization hires candidates following a traditional method that is by visiting each college, conducting test, obtaining results, shortlisting and so on.

Sunrise method of hiring has become outdated and hiring takes more than a month or more. Also, it requires more resources and efforts.

Sunrise wanted to try a technological standard process for their 2018 recruitment drive which could preserve their time and proves to be effective.

A typical selection day

  1. Contacting with colleges and fixing a day for the execution of On-campus drive.
  2. Preparing a question bank for the offline test to commence in all the colleges.
  3. Commencement of offline test in all colleges consecutively.
  4. Obtaining results and shortlisting of candidates.

Accomplishing all the above-mentioned steps took 3-4 months.

Major issues

  • The first and major challenge is to physically reach over all the specified colleges in India. A team of recruiters has to visit each college which is a lengthy process and so time-consuming.
  • Maintaining all the data and lining up the candidates for interview round.

Why Youth4work

Youth4work solving the problem

Youth4work located the problem of sunrise and decided to plan a standard process for them. Youth4work first, turn the entire offline thing online so that human resources can be preserved.

A standard process can reduce time and efforts – Youth4work

What Youth4work planned

Youth4work uses its machine learning with the help of its creative team. A customized yAssessment tool was created for Sunrise to replace the offline written test into an online test. Introduction of offline test removed the time limitation.

Job postings were done for Sunrise on the official website of Youth4work with 5 million users:

Internal posting of job

Collected data of online tests

Sorted yProfiles

Benefits of Online test

  • IP Proctoring
  • Image Proctoring
  • Dashboard Access
  • No time limitation


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