How Youth4work provided upGrad with genuine leads to increase their user base


About upGrad

upGrad is an online higher education platform providing rigorous industry-relevant programs designed and delivered in collaboration with world-class faculty and industry.Merging the latest technology, pedagogy, and services, upGrad is creating an immersive learning experience – anytime and anywhere.

This Case Study explains how upGrad attained their marketing goals by reaching to the individual users who were interested in making careers in finance and insurance sector, with the help of Youth4work.


The first quarter of 2019 witnessed an unemployment rate exceeding 6%, which is unbelievable especially if you go by the future predictions of our economy’s performance. It all comes down to one thing, that is, prevailing subpar education system in India; every year a majority of mediocre breed of unskilled workforce is released into the job market and since these underachievers are not properly equipped to survive in an already diminishing job market, they face trouble finding the right jobs and end up contributing to the worsening unemployment rate.

In this turbulent time, upGrad, an online higher education platform, has emerged as a leader in providing quality education at a cheaper price and to equip the youth with the most relevant tools to make best career choices. upGrad offers a number of online programs with lucrative job assurance packages, such as Master programs, PG diplomas in fields like data science, ML, AI, MBA, finance and insurance.

upGrad recently introduced a PG program in life insurance, dedicated to provide guaranteed employment opportunities  to the deserving candidates. PGPLI (Post Graduate program in life insurance) is actually a self-paid program which allows aspirants to earn while they learn along with ascertainment of exposure to finance industry from the leading players of the sector.

But as they say the best-laid plans of mice and men often go away; despite having the best of intentions for the aspiring young minds, upGrad didn’t quite get the response to its PGPLI Program as it was anticipated.

The Problem

upGrad is relatively new if compared with the already existing educational institutes and universities in India and the prevailing mind set is such that these known institutes are the first preference of any student. Plus, it’s also debated if online courses have the same intrinsic value as the regular courses.

Now, the challenge is to target the segmented students so that they can get into the picture in real.

How Youth4work helped?

Youth4work having network of over 4 Million youth profiles can target the desired students easily. Youth4work planned strategies using 3D channels and implemented them.

FB Marketing

Email Marketing

SMS Marketing

The Outcome

Youth4work successfully showed the results to upGrad in very less time.  Leads were started generating and afterwards got turned into the real picture.

250 verified leads per month were generated.

Recorded responses

Final Outcome

A total of 250+ genuine leads were generated each month, which can further be categorized as:

Total number of conversion leads

  • Minimum leads:  10-15%
  • Average leads: 20-25%
  • Minimum leads: 30-35%


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