How Youth4work helps TATA Motors refine their campus hiring recruitment model in Maharashtra


TATA Motors’ Recruitment Model

The hunting season has started and TATA Motors is about to go on a quest for talent acquisition. Their plan is simple and precise, which is to hire 300 engineering diploma holders for entry level positions (which means at least 1200 candidates should be interviewed to reach the tally of 300 as the ratio between getting interviewed and getting selected is 1:5). The company recruiters have a long list of colleges located in Maharashtra; they have already assigned a “selection day” for each college after corresponding with the TPOs by finalizing the details of the recruitment process. This so-called action plan would be completed in about three to four months starting from January and ending in March/April.

“Each year we face two major problems in the first quarter recruitments – first is time and second is reach.”  – Uday Shinde, TATA Motors.

Mr. Shinde describes the current hiring process as tedious because it takes time to find fresh recruits and sometimes it becomes hard to cover all the colleges on the target list, plus not to mention the cumbersome process of interviewing candidates in a row.

Time is money and no one understands this better than a company as reputed as TATA. Something had to be done and Youth4work, an online assessment firm provided the solution.

Locating the Problem

Youth4work identified that TATA Motors’ need of the hour was better coordination to enhance their campus hiring model, but to understand this we must first understand the prevailing model itself.

A Typical Selection day

After connecting with the targeted college to discuss the key details of the campus recruitment drive like eligibility criteria, number of participating students and so on, a date is fixed for a visit. It takes nearly a month or so in rounding up all the details of all the colleges in question.

Then comes the selection day, it starts with a “Pre-placement Talk” which is usually followed by

  1. A Pen and Paper based test of 1 hour is conducted
  2. The test is then assessed and candidates are short listed (time elapse depends on number of participants)
  3. Final step is to organize group discussions and personal interviews (time elapse depends on number of participants). Results are communicated to the college TPO in next few days.
  4. The above steps are repeated in every other colleges as well, which more or less takes a month’s time

Hurdles in this selection model:

  • To physically reach over 200 colleges in Maharashtra. A team of Recruiters has to visit each college in order meet the requirements for 450+ candidates. Lengthy process, hence, time consuming.
  • There is no consolidation of candidate data in any form, they have to start from scratch by collecting all necessary details of 450+ Engineering Diploma Students
  • Even the Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra doesn’t have a proper database that could facilitate TATA Motors
  • Selection process has become outdated, written tests require more time in assessment of scores as compared to online tests that can produce results instantly.

Why Youth4work?

Youth4work prepares youth for various competitive private/government exams & assess their skills by reviewing their performances with their unique online assessment modules in the form of Adaptive Mock Tests.

Advantages of having a Youth4work user profile:

  • Skill training with the help of online courses, prep tests and talent tests
  • The Tested and Ranked profiles are showcased, can be searched by the demanding recruiters
  • Online education: youth4work offers online certification courses as well
  • Prep tests: competitive exam based mock tests for both academic learning and job selection preparation
  • Talent acquisition: help employers find the right talent
  • Provide Internships opportunities to youth: Short Term Internships, Home Internships, Summer Internships & Virtual Internships

How Youth4work helped?

Youth4work has a network of over 4 Million Youth Profiles, association with more than 36 thousand employers and collaborations with more than 32 thousand colleges pan India.

Youth4work platform uses machine learning techniques within the domains of AI to assess the scores of thousands of test-takers every day and gives detailed performance-based assessment by generating yTal Reports, which is a patent mechanism that youth4work has been working with for more than four years.

After crunching some numbers, Youth4work sorted out 200+ engineering colleges in Maharashtra without going anywhere but online and from this point forward things started to get a bit technical.

A customized yAssessment tool was created for TATA Motors to replace the written test with an online test: 

Job Postings

Final Product Layout

Plan Implementation:

Now it was time to get in touch with all 200+ college TPOs in Maharashtra, lets see how things transpired in the next few days:

Step 1: (on day 1&2) All TPOs were connected with calls and emails to brief them about the TATA Motors campus placement drive

Step 2: (on day 3&4) An official notification entailing all the crucial details (eligibility, job profile, etc.) of the upcoming recruitment was shared with all the targeted colleges   

Step 3: (on day 4, 5 & 6) A Demo was scheduled in each campus to teach TPOs how to operate and take the online test, and the TPOs informed the participating students of the same     

Step 4: (on day 7&8) The actual online test of one hour is scheduled within the boundaries of each college campus and the aggregated scores of all the participants were communicated to TATA Motors after few hours.

Youth4work’s Action Flow

Key Features of yAssessment:


Ready to use Intelligent Talent Pool of Fresh 8500+ Diploma Engineers in Maharashtra was created in a week’s time!

Youth4work reduced TATA Motors’ short-listing process by a significant margin; four months of work was achieved in 8 days and everything was managed through calls, emails and chats, and later on TATA Motors did hire 300+ Engineering Diploma holders for entry level operations in Maharashtra!


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