How Youth4work helped KANTAR in engaging with 100+ online respondents for their market research



Kantar is a research, data, and, insight Consultancy Company, reaching the inclusiveness of technology and techniques for 92 of the world’s largest 100 advertisers by conducting the brand and marketing communications research. Across 190 countries, they monitor social media in 67 languages, and they have 5.5 million online research respondents across 45 countries.

Case Analysis

When was the last time you participated in a detailed online survey?

Imagine that you’re surfing YouTube; your favorite tech channel has just posted another video about the best upcoming smart phones; you click the play button but the video doesn’t start; you’re requested to take a survey first. We’ve all been there, so we now skip the form and move on to the video anyway.

One of Youth4work’s clients was facing a quite similar complication, KANTAR wanted other people to take a detailed survey.

“Now finding people who have time along with patience is tricky; on top of that, who are also ready to go through the discomfort of being quizzed by a pages long online questionnaire.” – Biswapriya Bhattacharjee, KANTAR Insights

The Tricky Situation

KANTAR wanted to engage with 50 respondents each in two categories pan India i.e., category A: professionals who are working for or associated with any electronics selling company and category B: students from institutes which provide training in the related field (electronics).

At first it seems like almost no big deal at all, it’s just 50 + 50 respondents, but here’s the catch, if it were so easy then KANTAR wouldn’t have asked for our help in the first place.

Understanding the Problem

Primarily, there were two major issues, which consisted of a few smaller co-related snags. Firstly, there was no segmented or refined data available and secondly, there was time constraint of 5 working days.

Finding the right respondents was issue number one

  • How to target them?
  • Where to target them?
  • Which social media platform to use or to use all of them?

Concluding this online campaign in shortest time was issue number two

  • Roughly, one in twenty or thirty people would agree for random questioning.
  • How many people should be targeted in order to reach a total of one hundred?

Coming up with an effective solution

Youth4work was given five working days to complete the task, their strategy was simple yet effective, that is, to go for volume and reach as many respondents as possible.

Youth4work has a network of over 4 Million Youth Profiles, association with more than 36 thousand employers and collaborations with more than 32 thousand colleges pan India.

Youth4work’s Workflow Plan

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

      Net Outcome

More than 50 forms were filled in both category divisions A and B within 3 working days by making use of the Youth4work college network database.


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