Youth4work’s College Solution

Youth4work’s College Solution

The whole world is suffering from the COVID 19 Pandemic that has adversely affecting millions of lives, international economies, but the worst hit has been taken by the education system. All of the education institutes including schools and colleges remain closed in the country and this can’t be good for the future wealth of our nation, that is, students. 

A mind is much like a muscle, it needs constant stimulus otherwise it will stop growing. In the absence of regular education, thousands of budding talents are sitting idle at home hoping that this situation will soon be contained and controlled. But due to the rising number of positive cases all over the globe; it seems the fight against this virus will continue.

India can’t afford to sacrifice the education of millions of students in this pandemic war. To prevent that from happening most of colleges and universities have started conducting their classes online and have opted for online examination systems.

In the wake of this emergency like situation, educational institutes around the globe are shifting their operations to online learning. Top educational institutions of India like Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jamia Millia Islamia, Netaji Subhas University of Technology, and more have stopped their offline operations and have shifted to their teaching-learning procedure online.

However, most of the educational institutes in our country aren’t as reputed as mentioned above, but their roles and contributions can not be overlooked, especially now. These institutes are struggling to make the “offline-to-online” shift due to limited infrastructure facilities or due to other reasons.

This is where Youth4work’s comes in; its free online student assessment platform has extended a helping hand to hundreds of schools and colleges which are still perplexed about how to reach the students in due time. Youth4work is a people’s platform that aims to provide a high quality of education to all the segments of society. Youth4work has come forward with a unique college solution that will help all the schools and colleges in bridging the gap by facilitating uninterrupted communication between the teachers and students.

How can Youth4work help?

The worldwide lockdown has resulted in the collapse of the time-table to manage academic exams of various institutes and universities.  Institutions are identifying new ways to manage academic exams with the help of technology. Many of the local institutes are still waking up to the situation and have very limited number of options to operate with, and many still directions to set up themselves as per the current requirement.

Online classes and Online exams can be easily managed with the help of a secure online exam platform with the help of willing participation from teachers and online educators in the creation of multiple-choice questions based online exam papers and assessment modules.

Y4W learning platform supports Objective, Subjective, Multiple Choice, Fill in Blanks, Image, Audio, Video-based question asking and these questions can be categories on different parameters such as- marks, difficulty level, question types, topic hierarchy as per exam patterns.

The platform offers a plethora of features such as; interaction with peers to discuss topics among the student community, resourceful study notes, recorded lectures, live classes, practice papers/tests.

All is needed that a student creates his/her profile and it’s good to go.

Youth4work provides exclusive study material for insightful preparations for various exams. Youth4work’s assessment platform also has a unique feature, which displays “best in class” student’s analytics of their performance in each section, with time analysis and percentile score in comparison to other students.

What Youth4work Provides?

  • Free Online Entrance Exam
  • Conduct Live Classes
  • Lecture-based questions
  • Conduct Practice Test or Unit Test
  • Conduct Term Exams
  • Preparation Tests for Recruitment

Why Youth4work?

Youth4work™ is one of the largest online assessment platforms helping institutions to measure, track, and analyze test-takers across multiple skills/courses/examinations. Y4W provides a SaaS solution to education institutes to improve the results. Youth4work has maintained its unique position in the market & providing assessment solutions as per market need.

Youth4work’s traction so far:

  • 2 million unique visitors every month.
  • 8 million+ page views per month.
  • 4.8 million registered and pre-assessed Youth across India
  • Behavioral Machine Learning Technique, Google AI for Talent Matching
  • MOU Signed with AICTE, Govt of Haryana
  • Won innovation award from NSDC
Youth4work’s College Solution

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