Youth4work Affiliate Partner Program

Youth4work Affiliate Partner Program

Looking to generate extra revenue potential? Join YAPP!

With an exponentially growing base of over 3 Million users from 17000+ institutes and over 1500 locations in India, Youth4work is becoming India’s leading youth portal for career connect & assessments, practice tests for competitive exams and online courses for skills.

Youth4work is open to partner with businesses and individuals for promoting its online products and solutions through its YAPP — Youth4work Affiliate Partner Program. More details of YAPP as below:

What is YAPP?

YAPP is a great way for you to earn commissions by promoting and selling Youth4work solutions to youth, companies, and educational institutes. You can earn up to 50% commission on sales and distribution.

What are Youth4work’s products /solutions under YAPP?

  1. Custom Assessments SaaS Tool: Using this tool, companies/consultants can create and administer bulk assessments for various technical and non-technical skills and functional areas for Hiring (freshers and laterals) as well as Internal Learning & Development.
  2. Prep Tests: These are practice tests for 300+ competitive exams with over 30 Million attempts. These can be sold/distributed in bulk to any college or coaching institute at discounted rates.
  3. Employability Performance Tool: This is used by colleges to ingrain and develop students’ employability right from the 1st year of graduation until the end.

Who can join YAPP?

  1. HR / Recruitment Consultants— who take up recruitment mandates and / or other HR consulting projects with their corporate and enterprise clients. They can promote and sell Youth4work’s Custom Assessments SaaS Tool and Campus Hiring solutions.
  2. Educational Institutes — who are active in providing tuition /coaching for various competitive exams, vocational training and skilling projects. They can promote and sell Youth4work’s Practice Tests for Competitive Exams to their students and other institutes.
  3. Individuals — yeah! Even freelancers can join our YAPP! All individuals who believe to have the potential to connect with or already working in HR domain or Education domain are welcome to join hands with us and earn handsome commissions.

How does YAPP work?

  • Affiliates have to get acquainted with Youth4work’s platform and solutions for companies and youth and sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to join the YAPP. Youth4work appoints the Affiliate as its channel partner for the purposes of selling solutions of Youth4work.
  • Affiliates have to connect on own with potential customers of Youth4work solutions. Youth4work shall provide Affiliates with all promotional and sales collaterals required to interact with and excite a customer.
  • Affiliates have to close the sales on their own, keeping Youth4work in the loop. If required, Youth4work team can also be a part of customer interaction initiated by Affiliate.
  • All sales of the products/services will be affected by Youth4work’s billing, server , and systems.
  • All online payments will be direct to and through the Youth4work payment gateway. Any online payment will be processed only if the user / end-consumer is registered with Youth4work.
  • The services of Youth4work will only start after the payments are realized.
  • Based on the commission slabs agreed, Affiliate will get their commission /revenue share. All commissions payout will be monthly and only after all payments are realized.

Are there any fees to join YAPP?

  • There is a commitment which can be discussed or waivered in exceptional cases.

Whom to contact for more information or help?

  • You may Contact for discussions and details for YAPP.
  • Refer for more info:
Youth4work Affiliate Partner Program

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