Work From Home Tips

Work From Home Tips

Where do you think we are more productive: The home office or the office office?

At the home office, there are a lot of obvious distractions. The expectations are the same, but the environment is not. 

You may become your own worst enemy. It is hard to work when no one is watching. You don’t necessarily feel the same pressure or obligations to get the things done. The presence of the TV, family members, and other non-work gear acts as a token of the stuff we enjoy outside of the workplace and its allure can often be too hard to resist. You can become your own boss. 

In the office office, your colleagues may keep you from getting the work done. They drop by your desks, engage you in conversations or invite you for some perky little breaks. Also, working in office has pure social benefits. Offices have fixed hours for work, lunch and tea break. You get to behave in front of others. Working in office helps you build new ideas and expand your knowledge. 

Below, I have gathered some tips to create a functional but productive work area at home :

1.Start as early as possible

Believe it, one way to work productively at home is to start working as soon as you wake up. Otherwise, your breakfast or morning laziness will wear away your motivation.

2.Build a workspace

Dedicate an area of your home, specifically for work. Be sure that your workspace is quiet so you can focus and your family knows that you are working.

3.Pretend like you are in an office

The mental connection you have between work and an office makes you more productive. Don’t lose that connection. Structure your day as you would do in office. It encourages you get into the correct work attitude.

4.Don’t work in PJs

If you enjoy working in your PJs, then you are killing your productivity. Get fully ready for the day as if you are actually going to work. “Dress for success”, you know, right? Otherwise, you might find yourself in bed again.

5.Take walking meetings when you can

If you have a phone call and you don’t need to be in front of your laptop to take that call, walk. It is great for your happiness and your overall well-being. 

6.Take short breaks

Thinking that working from home, will get more done because of fewer distractions. Sometimes we end up over-committing and working too much, which kills productivity.

Short breaks come to rescue then. you will feel fresh and will enhance creativity level and productivity.

7.Turn off social media notifications

Remove all the social networks from the toolbar. Make it harder for yourself to stay on social media for long. This way you won’t be tempted to use social media for long.

8.Plan and Set deadlines

Plan what you will be doing today. Make it feel official. Along with your to-do items, set deadlines to get each one.

Everyone loves a challenge, and by setting your own, you’ll be far more focused on them.

9.Listen to music

Depending on the nature of your work, turn on some background music. Music boosts your focus and productivity. Since you’re working at home, you don’t want it too loud or distracting — ensure you can quickly mute it to take a business call.

10.Wrap up

One of the most significant things of a sound work from home routine is making limits. Wrap up for the day and not just from your laptop. Have an idea come up after office hours? Jot it down, but come back to it tomorrow. Just because you have access to work anytime doesn’t mean you should be logged in 24/7. Mark your ending hours. Try not to let your work life seep into your own life.

Working from home may not be as you planned, any way you can profit however as much as could be expected from it. It requires some time to get familiar with the new normal, so offer yourself some time to fit in with your new work life. 

Believe in your ability to change and find sweet spot in your new work-life balance. Pat yourself for all that you have accomplished, whether or not it is nearly nothing or had preventions in the way. 

Remember, we are all in this together.

Work From Home Tips

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