We Help Students Prepare To Compete In The Corporate World

We Help Students Prepare To Compete In The Corporate World

“Nothing leads so straight to futility as literary ambitions without systematic knowledge.”

– H. G. Wells

“Cognitive psychology tells us that the unaided human mind is vulnerable to many fallacies and illusions because of its reliance on its memory for vivid anecdotes rather than systematic statistics.”

– Steven Pinker

Both quotes above talk about one thing — a Systematic Approach and its results. Students work hard to land a good job offer or crack competitive exams at the end of their college. They also try to create their CVs and resumes and update their online profiles on LinkedIn, Naukri and other professional websites. But most of this hard work takes place in their final semester of studies and that’s when at times they tend to choke. Moreover, students from non-premier institutes have to struggle hard to attract opportunities. Is there any smarter way to crack these situations?

After rounds of discussions with students of engineering and management colleges, Youth4work developed an online platform solution to help college management and especially the students. The basic idea is to periodically assess the students on their ‘employability skills’ and showcase their strengths & weakness.

“We’ve designed a variety of assessments for students to test their mettle on soft-skills, general awareness and core domain knowledge as well. Through our technology platform, when we assess college students for a topic 3–4 times a year with increasing difficulty, we can chart out one’s performance of progress as well as comparison with other students. This helps the management to encourage students to undergo necessary development programs. Students, in turn, not only get to learn the ways of online assessments but also pick up necessary and relevant skills. You can imagine the level of competence the student will acquire by the end of degree programs while having taken the assessment from the first year of college!” says Rachit Jain, CEO & Founder of Youth4work.

Students can see their reports instantaneously after taking the tests. The reports include comparative analytics with fellow classmates, overall percentile and percentage of tests, speed and accuracy in each test. These reports give visual insights on which areas the student is strong and in which one to improve.

First-year focuses on skills like communication, general awareness, and English usage; but second year onwards Youth4work also assesses core domain skills, e.g. mechanical engineering, marketing, etc. In the final year, placement cracker tests help students to crack assessments by companies. Throughout college, students are also guided to build their online professional profiles and improve the reputation of their talents. Their talents are ranked w.r.t. other students as well as experienced professionals in the world by Youth4work’s transparent yRank algorithm. Thus there’s an all-round assessment of one’s talents and the student is ready to compete for any opportunity.

“14 colleges have signed up with Youth4work for this college solution and students are happy to see their performances. Feedback from the college management and chairman of colleges is also good,” says Rachit.

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We Help Students Prepare To Compete In The Corporate World