Online Examination System

Online Examination System

The universities are shut due to the lockdown imposed by the government in order to contain the deadly novel coronavirus. In order to stay connected with the students and prevent the academic loss, most of the colleges and universities are conducting their classes online and also opting for online examination systems.

So, imagine a scenario where all of your students are sitting at home in this quarantine environment and you want to conduct exams for those students.

With the help of technology, you can easily conduct exams where students are distributed across multiple locations. They can appear for the Online Examination while sitting at their homes.

Youth4work is an online examination system for you. We make conducting exams easier.

Creating Assessments: Youth4work supports Objective, Subjective, Multiple Choice, Fill in Blanks, Image, Audio, Video-based questions and questions can also be defined with marks, difficulty level, question types, topic hierarchy as per the exam patterns.

This platform empowers Institutes to conduct various types of tests:

i) Entrance Exam

ii) Conduct Live Classes

iii) Lecture based questions

iv) Conduct Practice Test or Unit Test

v) Conduct Term Exams

vi) Preparation Tests for Recruitment

2. Conducting Assessments: Conducting online examination requires a systematic approach that starts with categorizing the students to their particular subject/test groups. With the help of dedicated assessment conducting features and good coincidence, the examiner can easily assign tests to as many candidates with no problem.

i) We have Password Protected Tests that will help to protect tests from illegitimate users.

ii) Voice to Text Conversion: Students with limited typing speed can overcome this issue of typing by speaking the answer.

iii) We Support Mathematical Symbols: Students can easily define mathematical symbols using a rich text editor.

iv) We also provide you Remote Proctoring like: Image Proctoring, Browser Proctoring, Video Proctoring, Audio Proctoring.

3. Evaluating Assessments: The end functionality of our online examination system is to automatically evaluate assessments and generate report. 

i) Digital Evaluation by the Examiner: Examiners can review answers and assign marks to individual questions.

ii) User Analytics and Reports: Get an overview of the time distribution, trend analysis, sectional reports of assigned users amongst all the test takers.

iii) Student Analytics: Complete analytics for student information about number of tests attempted, time taken for each question and test etc.

Hence, we can help you in conducting high-stakes examination on our secure platform preloaded with online proctoring. We enable end-users to manage the end-to-end online examination process. The entire process, from online registration, test creation to center management, and real-time reporting, is centered on conducting the examination with the utmost ease. 

Online Examination System

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