Monthly Product Updates: March 2019

Monthly Product Updates: March 2019

We have made a bunch of additions to WebEngage in February and March. Here’s a consolidated list below:


Our new Uninstalls feature helps you get rich insights on users who have uninstalled your app.

Drag & Drop Editor for Creating Emails

You can now use a simple drag & drop functionality to handcraft beautiful emails from scratch.

View List of Campaigns & Campaign Results by Time Period

List of Campaigns and Campaign > Overview, Analyze now have a calendar/time period selector (on the top right) so that you can view campaign results for only that time period. On the List of Campaigns page, the time period has been set by default to Last 7 days (you can change this to Last 30 days, Last 90 days etc.). In case a campaign did not record any open, click, etc. in the last 7 days, the metric for that campaign will show 0 in the list page. Please note that all your campaigns continue to be visible on the list page as was the case before.

Monthly Product Updates: March 2019

Neeraj Sanghani

Product Manager

We found a platform that provides accurate user data, simplifies the collating process, helps us create usable buyer personas and journeys, and has most features that an online beauty brand (like our) needs. The cohorts and journey builder features, especially, impressed us. From flawless integration and priority support to logical product features and targeted cross-channel campaigns, WebEngage aided us in taking our lifecycle marketing campaigns to the next level. Our campaigns have constantly improved – they’re highly contextual, personalized, timely and effective!