Males Outshine Females When It Comes To Communication Skills, Says Another Report By Youth4work


Undeniably, an individual’s ability to speak appropriately with a wide variety of people whilst maintaining good eye contact, say a lot about him/her. As better communication skills are just not reserved to fulfill a single purpose but help in all walks of life, Youth4work comes with its latest stats on communication skills. This vital life skill plays a great role in employment as well as in improving the quality of life.

The analysis by Youth4work reveals that males outshine females in communication skills as far as the metro cities are concerned. Males in totality, score 158014. 5432 as compared to the females whose total score is 107406.61144. For analysis, metro cities- Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata were taken into consideration.

Males of Kolkata stand tall with the cumulative yScore of 51477.06198, followed by Mumbai (46593.91739), Bangalore (22178.68736), Delhi (20344.77074) and Chennai (17420.10572). On the other side, females of Mumbai score cumulative yScore of 32454.3869. Proceeding with this, females in Chennai marks the list by 29160.55396 followed by Kolkata (21071.83275), Bangalore (14232.96432) and Delhi (10486.87351).

Rachit Jain, Founder, and CEO of Youth4work states that “On a daily basis, we hear that even after being so talented, a particular candidate is not able to crack the interview or his professional life is not going good. The reason is a lack of communication skills. We can’t afford to overlook the importance of good communication skills.”

Going further, he explains that, “Practice is the key to evolve and overcome every fear. There is no chance of improvement if someone doesn’t encounter failure. It’s prudent, not to get discouraged by the failures and instead hit the target with more vigor.”

Youth4work, the online platform is consistently taking strides in its way to deal with the grounds responsible for current unemployment situation by enabling youth to practice and participate in various communication forums that aim to equip youngsters with skills that help them get a job. With proper strategy leveraged, the practice tests and discussion forums designed on the platform follows a pragmatic approach along by taking care of the importance of time management. For redressal of queries, experts are also active on the platform to provide an individual with the best of answers and solutions. Moreover, the platform tops when it comes to ease of access. Hence, a person of any age group can make the maximum out of the leading online platform.