Hey Engineer! Look Deeper — An MBA might not be the next option for You!

Hey Engineer! Look Deeper — An MBA might not be the next option for You!



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Often seen that as soon as out of their academic arena, the majority of the students are in a state of panic looking at the Job market and what lies ahead in their careers. Many aren’t clear what career they want to take up, how to find out best career options, or even where to start!

India produces almost 1.5 million engineering graduates per year and this figure has always shown a rising trend. But it seems, lately, Engineers have been thinking that a mere engineering degree might not help them with a bright future.


So what’s the next best option? MBA? Yes, there are hundreds of thousands of students who see this as the only option. In fact, in approx. 3.5 Lakh people enrolled for an MBA this year. The reasons being a perception of good salaries, a great job title, and status boost. Too promising an option, isn’t it? About 55% of all graduates think so! But very rarely do they try to see the problems that await after the MBA.


Lets deep dive in some of the perceptions of candidates opting for MBA


  1.   An MBA degree brings better Job prospects.


Surely it adds another degree to the resume. But does that bring better Job prospects than having only a BE or BTech? Comparing and quantifying the opportunities with and without an MBA degree is what shows the perfect picture. Youth4work helps graduates in such analysis through its unique feature called Job Insights from its intelligent algorithms& huge database of over 0.8 million profiles.


In fact, there are about167 Job seekers for a single Job for BE/ BTech whereas when an MBA graduate looks out for a Job, the number drastically decreases to 65 Jobseekers for a single Job.


So the competition drastically reduces for an MBA degree holder? Actually, one also has to look at the investment he/she makes during the 2 years of MBA. The bigger question is whether the Job after MBA gives you the salary that you desired for.



2. An MBA gets you eye-catching salaries:


A full-time MBA degree costs a hefty amount and sets you back by a few lakh. But is it worth the price you pay? An MBA might get you a job but can you repay the loan that you took? Will that salary is enough to meet your expectations?


So how much does an MBA job pay you? Youth4work’s Job Insights help you analyze the salary of various talented people with different work experience


The data clearly shows that there is almost no difference in the annual pay between a BE/ BTech holder and an MBA holder. This definitely raises serious questions on opting a career in management blindly!


This is just one such instance where most of the students have a herd mentality. And to help students out with such 

complexities,Youth4work’s unique Job insights is one of the leading solutions and it helps a student in getting a clear picture of opportunities, salaries, talents, and qualifications preferred for a


Specific Job, best companies to work for and much more. These features are what gives Youth4work edge over the competitors.


This type of analysis is what helps students who are in dilemma make the right choice. And in this competitive world, this type of decisions is what shapes a student’s career.

Youth4Work is an online talent assessment and recruitment platform. Helping to identify, showcase and improve talents, Youth4work caters to a billion-dollar industry where talent meets requirements and assessment needs of organizations are fulfilled. It bridges the gap between the recruiters and job seekers through its intelligent algorithms and a huge database. Youth4Work also caters to empowering youth through online certification courses and practice tests for competitive exams.

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Hey Engineer! Look Deeper — An MBA might not be the next option for You!