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Testimonials from Youth using Youth4work

Encouraging feedback from our users has helped us shape Youth4work as a user-centric platform and we take pride in sharing with the world what our users share with us.

Ekashvi-” The article in The Hindu newspaper is helpful for the thousands of students.”-21st Nov 17

Ranjan Kumar-” For you to know the skills you are better in, Youth4work is what you need.”-1st Nov 17

Pothuganti Anil Kumar- “The technical-based knowledge is useful for me”-24th Oct 17

Premi Manoharan-” The evaluation method of the site is amazing which tells the accurate skill sets of the users”-9th Nov 17

Lalit Madhukar-” The evaluation method of the site is amazing which tells the accurate skill sets of the users”-9th Nov 17

Sabin Prasanna-” The User Assessment gives them an insight”-5th Nov 17

Rutu Ranjan-” I have been placed in MNC after giving the Youth4work’s test.”-28th Oct 17

Mutha Sri Hanuma -“I learned so much with the technical skill test of the website.” -15th Nov 17 via Email

Sathananthan Selvaraj — “Now I am feeling better and showcase my talents to the world.” — via Email

Nisha Rawat – “It feels good to be a part of Youth4work family. The best part about you guys is that you treat every registered candidate with great responsibility.”- 8th Sep 2016 via Email.

“Was able to discover my some hidden skills”

Kavyasr Porandlai — “Received a mail for the post of Android Developer”- 16th Sep 2016- via Email

Tejas D Tilva — “After trying out several websites, I found Youth4work reliable to prepare for my exams. It helped me to go through the profiles of many individuals through which I learned a lot.” — 16 Sep 2016 via Email

Shivangi Chaurasia — “I thought to give a test and it wasn’t a piece of cake, I had to do brainstorming. These teats provide guidance.” — 20 August 2016 via Email

Monu Thomas— “Youth4work is a very good platform for freshers and talented ones who are looking for job or job change.” — 20 August 2016 via Email

Ravikumar Mallisetti — “My journey with Youth4work started as a university graduate and ended as a software professional.” — 20 August 2016 via Email

Shobhit Tyagi— “Best site for preparing for entrance exams.” — 13 Sep 2016 — via Email

Pooja Agrawal — “Since I am the part of this team, I really want to suggest everyone go through this website as it will prove to be very helpful.” — 20 August 2016 via Email

Rakesh Roshan Pal — “I am associated with Youth4work since 2013. I got a job with MNC and very interestingly in the data-related field.” — 20 August 2016 via Email

Nitesh Kumar — “Really awesome and most useful site for govt exam preparation”

“I got so much knowledge about myself from Y4W family. Nowadays I am capable to speak in English with my friends and professors. I am very thankful to Rachit sir as well as Raj sir to give the power to make me confident. And also thanks to Y4W family to give me my power and to help to improve it. Very very thank you, sir.”

Shubham Gupta — “The tips that you provided me really helped me in preparing well.”

Monam Bharti — “Thank you so much for creating a helpful site.”

Tejaswi Uttarakavatam

Vinutha MS

Abhishek Saraswat — “Access to useful content, the dashboard is just amazing, My college section is a unique feature and the profile covers all the aspects of a good resume.”

Ankit Keshri — “Y4W helped me a lot in understanding my future. I am grateful to all the members of Youth4work”

Shivani Sharma — “I took a test on your site and it has a good standard of questions.”

“Dear Amit, Thanks for showing interest in my profile. I really appreciate your efforts in tracking the profile with so much detail and follow up. Your team and you are doing an amazing job by reviewing profiles and reaching those who are unable to connect and asking for feedback for the same” 

– On Youth4work’s Assessed Profiles

“Dear Rachit, I appreciate you for your help. Your story looks interesting. The idea of creating an app like Youth4work helps a lot of people. You have really done a great job. It feels good to be a part of Youth4work.” 

AN — 12 August 2016

Thank you Rachit Sir for the valuable guidance. I read all your emails. Please never stop sending them.” — Swagat M

My skills have been improved a lot. This website is very useful for job seekers. Employees can also improve their technical skills from here. Thank you so much. — Nirmala

From Youth

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