Branding & Promotions with Youth4work

Branding & Promotions with Youth4work

Generating Leads through Targeted Segmenting and Digital Ads

Youth4work is an exciting and people search platform where people can self-assess and map their talents for skill-based jobs, prep tests for competitive exams and online courses for skills.

Youth4work is open to partner with advertisers and marketers for promoting their products and services through online platform.

What’s in it for Advertisers and Marketers?

Our talent communities of assessed users are our core offering. These communities span across the domains — IT & Non-IT Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Retail, HR, Design & Creativity and many more.

With the increasing rate of internet penetration and usage, it becomes critical to connect and engage with the right set of people, be it for Recruitments, Branding & Marketing, Sales, etc. Our focus on creating systems building intelligence on user profiling empowers other companies to find their target audience and encash better and quicker ROI. We are the leader in India’s burgeoning talent market place.

Youth4work’s Network Reach — Powered by Technology

  • 2.2 Million+ Registered Users from 1500+ Locations in India and abroad
Increasing geographical reach: 1500+ Locations in India + Global
  • Reach to 10000+ Institutes
  • 13000+ Registered Companies
  • Daily 3500+ new registrations
  • 1.5 Million Monthly Active Users — Web + Mobile Apps
  • 7.5 Million Monthly Page + Screen views
  • Bounce rate — 35%
  • Avg. time spent on — 6.5 mins

Demographic diversity is also great for the bbetter audience:

  • User Affinity Categories:
  • In Market Segmenting:

What makes Youth4work unique and growing?

Marketing Opportunites for Advertisers

There are various marketing opportunities for marketers and advertisers to promote their products and services.

Generate Sales Leads

We can filter the users on the various parameter to create perfect segments as Leads for your targeted marketing or promotional campaigns.

Segment the users on various criteria
  • Talent / Skills
  • Course / Degree
  • Location
  • Specialization
  • Preparing for specific Competitive Exams
  • Work Experience
  • Gender
  • College of education
  • Email & Mobile no. verified
  • Updated Resume

Send across Marketing Communications

Get the perfect target audience you’ve been looking for, to communicate your products, services, and ideas.

Conduct Market Research Surveys

Unleash the power of reach and diversity to get the most relevant feedback for your questions.

Digital Ads

Due to high traffic on Youth4work website and Mobile Apps, advertisers can place their digital ads on prominent and most visited pages and screens.

Digital Ads On Website:

Digital Ads on Mobile Apps:

The ad sizes can be standardized working along with advertisers.

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Branding & Promotions with Youth4work