Explore 3 Fun Fields For Non – Medical Students

Explore 3 Fun Fields For Non – Medical Students

Whenever the topic, “What to do after 12th?” pops up, I happen to go down the memory lane with related stories both at my personal level and about some of my friends. Well, I agree that you may have frequently heard people asking you the same question. If I am not wrong, this topic starts since we are in 10th standard when we choose streams and go for medical or non-medical or sometimes at the age when we have just started our school lives 😉

On this platform, I am not going to make you feel blasé again. Though the topic i.e., “What to do after 12th” will remain unchanged, I will make sure that you get the maximum out of this in an interesting manner. So, let’s make reading this article fun for you.

Before I begin, I would like to give you one simple tip that luckily never fades with time.

#Simple Tip: Just ditch your past background. Listen to your inner self and choose what inspires you or makes you feel alive.

Changing the stream is not always the only option if you don’t feel interested. There are possibilities that you may find some riveting fields in your stream only. Apart from computer science, mechanical, electronics and telecommunication engineering, we do have chemical, Textile, and architecture as other options. The need of the hour is to take a closer look and know more.

If you are a Non- Medical student, below mentioned are the 3 fun fields in Non- Medical for you.

(a) Statistics: The world believes in practicality, thus it needs stats and figures. Statistics is a field that deals with it. Statisticians work with the data. They play a major role in privately-owned businesses as well as in government enterprises and that too in every field. It will be fun if you love to work with numbers and draw conclusions from data.

(b) Aerospace Engineering: Aerospace engineering involves research, development, design, construction, testing, science and technology of aircraft and spacecraft. It is divided into two major branches: aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. The popularity that this stream is gaining is worth a watch.

(c) Bioinformatics: This application of computer technology aims to manage biological information. Herein, computers are used to obtain, store, analyze and integrate biological and genetic information which is applied to gene-based drug discovery and development. Today, a number of corporations are opening up to deal with Bioinformatics.

Life is still fun even if you are a non-med student. Youth4workunderstands this and thus helps you explore, progress and grow beyond imaginations.

Explore 3 Fun Fields For Non – Medical Students