10 Tips for phone interview questions

10 Tips for phone interview questions

One must necessarily keep the following point in mind while having a telephonic interview: Just make sure, you’re well aware of the timings when you’ll get the call from the interviewer.

  1. You must be calm and answer in continuous non-monotonous tone.
  2. Ideally, one must avoid outdoors and high altitude, as it can create network issues.
  3. If possible, make sure you can have the interview on your landline phone.
  4. Allow the interviewer to complete her sentences before she speaks.
  5. It is always a good idea to write down certain important points like company profile, Job Description, your career synopsis.
  6. If using a cell phone, make use of headphones, this will help you to listen carefully and block unneeded voices.
  7. In case any question is not audible, always ask the interviewer to repeat the question in a polite tone. It shall never create any bad impact.
  8. The idea of a telephonic interview is to verify facts conveyed to you through your resume or cover letter.
  9. Always, keep them with you during the interview, and answer the question accordingly.
  10. Make use of call divert function on your phone during the interview, a residual phone call can create a bad impact on the overall interview process.

Just remember, the telephonic round is the stepping stone for your personal round. Therefore, good interaction can create wonders for your candidature.

All the best!

10 Tips for phone interview questions