What is Youth4Work ?


Youth4work.com is a ‘People Platform’ which empowers youth to assess themselves, improve their talents and showcase themselves for their talents and professional achievement.

We call what we are building ‘Human Tech’ which gathers intelligence and deep insights on each and every member of Youth4work.

The core belief is that each individual is unique and always goes through a Journey of:-

Identifying his/her true Talents

With a Billion people across the world & probably a million character sets/skills that make each person unique vis-a-vis the other. Youth4work assists each individual to tests themselves and find their own unique strengths & weakness and build their own talents map and understand their own psychological strengths.

Improve Themselves

Youth4work empowers each individual to become a part of a community of like talented individuals and enables them to share and learn from each other. The ‘Human tech’ suggests the right education personalized for each individual to help them grow more professionally in the area of their real interests and true talents.

Showcase themselves

With almost a Million Youth who have assessed themselves and built their assessed professional profiles, there are a billion data points on for individuals, skills and market that enables the ‘human tech’ to compare each individual to millions of others and help showcase them for their respective talents & strengths for the right opportunity.

Youth4work impacts professional human lives from the very foundation. We aid the young generation right from their college, in their education & preparation and eventual career journey and personal professional growth. Youth4work believes in building a Transparent Platform, a marketplace for true talent which is more than a business for us. We have made an impact on thousands of lives and driven to positively impact millions more.

Our Traction so far : 

Over 3 Million user base (growing exponentially) tested and ranked on their perceived talents, 24600+ educational institute profiles, 18900+ employers advertising more than 57000 jobs, practice tests for 250+ competitive exams, 1200+ skill certification courses, veritably speaking, Youth4work promises to positively impact the talent ecosystem in the contemporary world — including talent development, talent assessment and talent sourcing.
With over 800 million people in India in the age group of 18–24 yrs. the potential impact is huge. and its a multi-billion dollar market.

‘Human Tech’ — At Youth4work we believe it’s not just Big data, AI or Machine Learning that makes a difference. These are tools, a means to an end and the end for us is to make ourselves more personalized.. more Human. We strive to use a billion data point (from capturing each click, to analyzing every attempt, to analyzing behaviour & job trends and insights, understanding each interactions that individual makes and many more) and use all the modern tools from AI to big data to machine learning (and maybe the next tool that comes in the world) to essentially build the technology that is intelligent enough to help each and everyone transparently and with real data.

‘People Platform’ — Humans have connected needs. We believe in using the power of technology to especially assisting Youth in their journey where the need is the friend or community in their journey & is better catered by #edtech or #HRtech both together.

One way of describing this is that the most complex #eCommerce problem that exists is that of supporting (i.e. Showcasing) individual (i.e. products) where each individual ( product ) is very very unique, varies over time & availability. Thus, as per our insights, it is a more complex technological challenge than any eCommerce product 🙂

The other way is that we are a #TalentMarketplace where we enable the demand (hiring) & Supply (talent) to meet and interact. It’s like a LinkedIn + Lynda for Youth, where the need is not the past experience but an Assessed Skill profile.